Foto da Roberta Soares idealizadora da Crossing Connection Health
Andréa Soares

The idealizer was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis 5 years ago, a rare disease that attacks the liver. She says that the day she had her pre-diagnosis she had the real feeling of not belonging to the ordinary world anymore and feeling like she was under a black hole.

All her search for the discovery of her illness, the best treatment, access to medicines, bureaucracy with health plans and SUS, multidisciplinary medical team, among other battles, earned her a few years of anguish. But also brought her the knowledge of the way, and the very source of information. Years later, she found a network of support and with it she exchanges constantly, where she adds and helps those who, like her, find themselves lost in this new way of living.

And was understanding the value of this building and thinking about changing and supporting reality, solving errors and gaps in this flow, which emerged the Crossing Connection Health.

Andréa holds a degree in accounting, information technology with international certification in IT governance. She has worked for 22 years in multinationals in several business lines. Since the age of 18, she has been involved in social projects and in recent years in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, she is a member of the council of the Paulistahack movement and mentor of several technology events such as Angelhack and Baanko Challenge, among others.

In the area of ​​health, since 2015 she has participated in the major events on rare and debilitating diseases in São Paulo and Brasília. She is the mother of Max, a little dog, an aunt of many little kids, optimistic, passionate about causes that transform and for the technology she believes, CAN AND SHOULD help change the world!

Foto da Roberta da Fonseca co-idealizadora da Crossing Connection Health
Roberta da Fonseca

Cousin, friend and co-creator of Crossing Connection Health.

Roberta has worked for 22 years in communication, as an actress in the theater and in cinema, and for 15 years teaching foreigners. She had worked in multinationals such as IBM and in advertising agencies, she is a member of the CRECE.Graduated in languages and Literature by USP and in performing arts.

Mother of Nicolas and the cat Vicky, aunt of Léo, Pedro, Vitor and Maryana and daughter of Dona Thée.

She is optimistic and idealizing, connected with the goal because she believes that the world can always be better.