Know More

If you are here it is because you have already opened a free profile and now you can find people who have the same illness as you, just look at our map how many crossing’s logos are already active.

Do you want to chat with these people? Talk to them through our Chat.

And if you feel the need to ask, give tips, or even get informed, join a Forum or create your own.

In our platform you can also find more information about your disease and for this Crossing CH uses the largest international database of Rare Diseases, just one click.

But we do not want to stop here …

We believe that we can go far and provide our network with more and more features and facilities. So take a look at what comes next:

  • IdRaros Card: your physical and virtual identity so everyone can know what special you have at the time of an emergency and consultation;
  • Ecommerce: with Exchange, Donation and Sale of hospital products;
  • Collective: Purchases with more than special discounts made for you;
  • Blog: your virtual diary
  • Videoconference: with specialists from various medical and health areas;
  • Collective agenda: know where the autonomous professionals will attend and enjoy to consult for a price much lower than the regular;
  • EAD: online courses because knowledge can change your life.
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